A Short Sale Will Save My Credit

Moving into a home that was my own and did not belong to someone else was one of my big goals. Of course, I have had many goals, but that one was one of the ones that I focused on the hardest. I put many things aside in life so that I could reach the time and place of signing the dotted line on closing day and being handed the keys to a house. So, when I found myself in the position of needing to work with a company that handles short sales in NYC recently, I was crestfallen. But the people I spoke with there explained to me that it is not the end of th world, and in fact, it is important that I go through with selling in this way.

While the words I heard were comforting, I could not help but reflect on how I earned my home. I pushed myself hard to graduate from college in only three years. I put off all the partying and socializing that most people my age did. Friday nights, as well as both full days of every weekend, were spent with my nose in a book. Once I landed the right job, I then threw myself into the work. I stayed late every night. I came in early. When other people stood around talking because they didn’t think they had that much work, I looked for work to do and did it. I was promoted quickly.

I was only 25 when I was finally able to get my place. Everyone else I knew was still struggling with paying their bills on their beat-up old cars or even buying groceries, and they were all the same age I was. But after some health issues, I found myself losing my job and unable to keep up with my mortgage. I’m better now, but in order to keep from being foreclosed on, I will be getting rid of my house with a sale where I do not make money when it happens. It’s the best thing to do right now, and I can always work toward getting another one in a couple of years.